Interested in TAing?

TAs are really important for making courses run. If you're interested in TAing for a course I'm teaching, you should:
  1. Fill out the official CSE application
  2. Fill out an extra questionnaire I have. For Fall 23, fill out this form Send me an email or check back here for a short extra information form that I use.
I use the form to gauge how many potential TAs are interested and help me make my preference list when CSE starts making the TA assignments.

If you don't get your first choice TA assignment, don't lose hope! It sometimes takes a few cycles for spaces to open up. In the meantime, you might consider:

  1. TAing another CSE course if you can.
  2. Attending TA training.
  3. Enrolling in CSE 590E, the pedagogy course (CSE 492T), or other teaching-related courses.
All of these are ways to get better at teaching -- the best way I know is to practice, even if that's just talking about your classes with your friends.